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The origins...

Monolith Mead is run by Matthew Judge, who is based in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Matthew began to make mead back in 2018 for his own personal consumption as he was very interested in the process and also the history of this ancient drink.

The earliest documentation of mead is dated around 1700-1100 BCE and could date back as far as 7000 BCE (almost 10,000 years old!).

Mead is a made-wine, this means that the production is very similar to normal wine, but the grapes are substituted out for something else... in this case, honey!

Often associated with mead are Vikings and Norse mythology, which is where the inspiration for the company logo came from. The Monolith Mead logo is based on The Triple Horn of Odin, which signifies his quest to attain the magic Mead of Poetry!

If you enjoy the mead, keep an eye out for future “Speciality” meads.

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